Become a certified KAIROS coach

Only certified KAIROS coaches are authorized to analyze and guide other individuals through their profiles. Prior experience in training, consulting or coaching is required in order to become qualified.

The certification process consists of three parts:

1. Prior to the certification workshop, you test the KAIROS Profile on yourself. This takes place online via our webpage. Shortly afterwards you will receive your evaluation graphic via email, as well as a handout with preliminary information.
A telephone evaluation follows.

2. The two-day certification workshop provides an intensive introduction to the professional use of the profile. It can also be conducted for self-organized groups of colleagues, for a minimum of eight registrants.

3. The certification is obtained after three supervised profile meetings and a written protocol within four months. You will then receive access to the webpage and official authorization to use the tool responsibly.

Contents of the certification workshop

Theoretical basis of the instrument

  • Underlying personality theory
  • Test-theoretical background
  • Understanding the eight dimensions

Evaluation of the profile as a multi-stage process

  • Interpretation possibilities and limitations
  • How-to for the evaluation discussion
  • The first evaluation discussion: Eight dimensions as mental images | Patterns that emerge from them | Coming up with questions related to concrete decision-making situations | Establishing role, task, situation and context references

Typical KAIROS profile characteristics

  • Previous experience
  • Recognizing recurring and special patterns

Practicing interpreting results by using distinctive KAIROS profiles

  • Goal: three valuable insights
  • Various sequences for trainings

Going into more depth

  • Individual coaching/supervision: current decision-making situations; establishing references to different contexts
  • Seminar/training
  • Team profiles/team composition/team development


The total cost of the certification currently amounts to € 2,195.00 + VAT.

This includes comprehensive documentation.
The amount is due 14 days before the workshop begins.
The conference flat rate will be invoiced separately.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation up to 4 weeks before the workshop begins is free of charge if the cancellation is submitted in writing. Cancellation up to 3 weeks before the workshop begins will be charged at 60% of the fee. In the event of a later cancellation, the entire fee will be due unless a substitute participant takes the place of the registrant.

If the number of participants is too low, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone certification dates up to 2 weeks before the workshop is set to begin at the latest.


We strive for sustainably high quality. We recommend a minimum of 10 profiles per year. If required, we offer a one-day refresher workshop.

We are constantly developing new offers to support you in your further learning and qualifications.

The license is bound to the individual person and valid until recertification.